Wellspring Cooperative

Staff, Board and Committees


Fred Rose, frose@pubpol.umass.edu

Emily Kawano,  emilykawano@gmail.com


Lee Badgett, Co-Chair, University of Massachusetts

Traceye Whitfield, Co-Chair, Springfield Technical Community College

Joseph Gerard, Secretary, Western New England University

Mary Hoyer, Treasurer, Cooperative Fund of New England

Clive Ndlovu, Wellspring Harvest

Alicia Brown, Wellspring Harvest

Shawn Corbitt, Baystate Medical Center

Jon Weissman, Western Mass Jobs with Justice

Holly Richardson, Arise for Social Justice

Rev. W. C. Watson, Jr.,  Pioneer Valley Project / Canaan Baptist Church of Christ

Zaida Govan, Indian Orchard Citizens Council

Elvis Mendez, Neighbor to Neighbor

Finance Committee

Mary Hoyer, Chair  Co-op Fund of New England 

Larry Martin, Regional Employment Board

Phil Guigere, Moriarty and Primack

Fred Rose, School of Public Policy, University of Massachusetts

Development Committee

Kristan Bakker

Jenny Ladd

Jackie Farrow, Indian Orchard Citizens Council

Jon Weissman, WMass Jobs with Justice

Susan Newton, Chair, School of Public Policy, University of Massachusetts 

Holly Richardson, Arise                      

Fred Rose, Wellspring Cooperative Corporation

Emily Kawano, Wellspring Cooperative Corporation

Business Development Committee

Joe Gerard, Chair, Western New England University

Tony Taylor, Champion Childcare

Betsy Johnson, Wellspring Harvest Greenhouse Board

Anne Burke, Economic Development Council

David O'Leary, Valley Venture Mentors

Dara Nussbaum-Vasquez

Scott Reed, Valley Venture Mentors

Communications Committee

Boone Shear, UMass, Anthropology Dept.

Brennan Tierney, UMass student

Shawn Corbitt, Baystate Health

Jerry Levinsky, SEIU

HUMan Resources Committee

Lee Badgett, Chair, University of Massachusetts

Emily Kawano, Wellspring Cooperative Corporation

Wellsring Harvest Greenhouse Board

Jeff Jones, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1459

Betsy Johnson, Springfield Food Policy Council Member*      

Eric Fedus, Sustainability Advocate   

Emily Kawano, Wellspring Cooperative Corporation

Fred Rose, Wellspring Cooperative Corporation

Stephen Hilyard, Wellspring Harvest Manager

*Not an official representative, for identification purposes only