Wellspring Cooperative

Structure and Governance


This diagram of Wellspring's structure show the Wellspring Cooperative Corporation (WCC) at the center of a network of for-profit worker cooperatives. The network facilitates mutual support between the Wellspring cooperatives as welll as from WCC. Wellspring is pursuing four strategies of business development as listed in the top right box.

WCC Structure

Wellspring Governance

Wellspring Cooperative Corporation has a Board of Directors that is comprised of representatives of:

  • Wellspring Cooperative Businesses
  • Anchor Institutions
  • Community and Labor Organizations
  • Development Organizations
  • At-large Individuals

Wellspring businesses also have a Board that includes at least one representative from the Wellspring Cooperative Corporation, a majority of worker-owners and provisions for other members who fill a particular need such as community voice, diversity, business skills, and so forth.